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MY ARTWORK JOURNEY Zanzibar-Tanzania to London
This year 2018 I have already seen the unimaginable become possible. My painting officially on loaned at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Thank you Wolfson College for supporting my journey and displaying my artwork, which reflects the beauty of Zanzibar culture.

I would also like to thank Joevas JPeace Asare for helping me make it possible to display my painting at University of Oxford. From 2006 to 2016 is how long it took for me to have a successful solo exhibition. This was at Emerson on Hurumzi and the theme was ‘The Road to Zanzibar’, which also was the place where I met with Joevas Asare. I have always had a vision that my art would one day be seen worldwide but thought that this would take 20 years until this would happen. With the help and support of Joevas, he has made my dream become a reality today and I consider him to be more then a close friend and more then a brother. I am forever grateful for the advice and support from Joevas and look forward to sharing my experience and journey with him.
Thank you everyone for your continued support, it is very appreciated!
Much love and respect to My family, Teachers, Fellow artists, Friends, Media, Taperia restaurant, , Emerson on hurumzi, Vipaji gallery, Gibb's farm, MaruMaru hotel, Goeth institut, Allience francaise, The Residence hotel, Cultural arts center, Sustainable east africa, Chumbe Island, Art biennale, Tperia restaurant, Banana Hill Art gallery, nairobi and Nafasi art space 

With my   brother Joevas JPeace Asare

Dullah Wise is a talented and hard working plein air artist from Zanzibar. He is an example of someone who successfully creates his own opportunities, which not only benefits himself but also those around him. This is essential when faced with a lack of system that creates opportunities for achieving success by utilizing your craft.
Congratulations Dullah Wise for all your achievements so far, including your 2018 international bookings and recently getting your art work on loan to University of Oxford . You are successfully reflecting the beauty of Zanzibar, your environment and culture in different parts of the world plus inspiring many young artists from East Africa. I am proud to have been part of your journey and looking forward to seeing your continued success.
If you are at Wolfson College, University of Oxford you can view Dullah's original art work titled ‘Darajani Market’ at the entrance of the exhibition rooms. You can also see Dullah's work by visiting
Joevas Asare.

Grafitti artist from Duba, Filipino artist @depiktdxb and Zanzibar artists

Super Grafitti artist all the way from Duba, Filipino artist @depiktdxb 
We made Stone Town walls bright. 24 August 2018.

Artist in residence, Gibb's farm Ngorongoro safari 2018

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July 20, 2018
Dullah Wise - Painter

Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your story! You are very inspiring and very talented! 

I hope I can become as good as you are in painting I can probably say that this is the first painting I’ve commissioned an artist to make and it feels very personal to me. I think this is how I’ll be collecting paintings from now on something with a story behind it. 
The story behind this painting is that I took the photo of a lion in the Masai Mara in Kenya. 
I’d like to believe it’s my best photo yet in my entire safari adventure and I wanted to find the best way to immortalize it somehow. 
I then stumbled upon Dullah Wise’s gallery here in Gibb’s Farm, Tanzania and saw his beautiful paintings. I believe his style spoke to me as I really appreciate impressionist paintings. I loved the way he painted, the colors, the textures, it just felt so alive and unique! 
I then met him and asked if he could paint my Lion, and so he did. As he painted my Lion, I sat down and listened to his amazing story and learned a lot from him. As he would also say, he continues to keep learning and keep improving and he enjoys meeting people from different backgrounds and learns from their stories. 
My greatest learning from him is to keep your drive and determinination as you pursue your passion. 
Dullah may not have been able to get his international scholarship back then but that didn’t stop him from keeping on painting and improving. And now he’s exhibited his paintings all over the world! 
This painting will be special to me because of the inspiring story behind the artist. Thank you once again @dullahwise !! #painter #dullahwise #lion#painting #fujifilm

Saturday, 8 September 2018

RFI Redio France International and Aljazeera media network 2018

I want thank everyone that supported me up this point. It's only the beginning. 
I appreciate bro @stiivumumbi for great interview

Chumbe Island, Zanzibar-Tanzania 2018

My successful opening exhibition about marine life in Chumbe Island, Zanzibar-Tanzania

Super special thanks to Chumbe managemet, stuff, Prof. Narriman Jiddawi from institute of marine science/university of Dar es salaamzanzibar, Zanzibar tourism commission media and all who made it happen.
It mean a lote to me.

Hamu restaurent, Masaki, Dar-es-salaam 19June 2018.

Opening ceremony of joint exhibition "Woman's mirages through blue nights" at Hamu restaurent, Masaki, Dar-es-salaam 19June 2018.
Specia thanks to Hamu restaurent and all for coming and your time. I appreciate